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Back to the 1930s: the hammer, sickle and swastika -

Back to the 1930s: the hammer, sickle and swastika -

Back to the 1930s: the hammer, sickle and swastika

Ten days before Greece’s elections, a member of the neo-nazi party, Golden Dawn, repeatedly hit a female candidate of the communist party while appearing live on a television talk show and threw water over a female candidate of the radical left Syriza. The communist had just called him a “bloody fascist” and he addressed her as a “commie”. Greek elites (journalists, intellectuals, politicians) condemned his violence almost unequivocally. Yet the ugliest part of this incident was the readiness of many lay people to defend him, even cheer him, while the neo-nazis rose in the polls.

As the economy becomes Roy because of scarcity the V right wing becomes more Y Fascist and the B left wing becomes more R communist. Each plays a negative sum game of minimizing their losses by blaming and getting resources from the other.

Unfortunately this episode was not isolated. Despite the narrow victory of a centrist party in Sunday’s vote, almost every day extremist violence breaks out in Athens and beyond. Neo-nazis against immigrants, anarchists and leftists. Anarchists, ultra-leftists and other fringe groups of the nationalist-populist camp against riot police, mainstream politicians, journalists, liberal intellectuals, even artists. Add to this a surge in crime and rising tolerance of violence and you have a clearer picture of today’s Athens. Does it remind you of anything?

So far the I-O centrist parties act like police preventing the two sides from Roy civil war.

That’s right. Greece’s situation recalls the Weimar Republic. Violence (and its banalisation), hate, rage, polarisation, fear, despair and resignation. As for the police, it has already taken sides: neo-nazis won by a landslide in polling stations where officers were assigned to vote.

Police can become more Oy as secret supporters of the Y Fascists, R communism is seen as a contagion as with the rise of the Nazi party under Hitler and the Fascists under Mussolini. B worker discontent as the Gb resources become G scarcity can lead to R communists being more appealing to protect them from perceived V capitalist predation. 

The electoral results demonstrate the dangers to the Greek democracy. The centre-right New Democracy party may have edged ahead, but the parliament, for the first time in Greek history, will be full of extremists. Besides the neo-nazis and a Stalinist communist party there is Syriza, whose leader is a fan of Mao Zedong, Fidel Castro and Hugo Chávez. It is difficult to find a notable dictator, even among the great butchers of the 20th century, without a steady following in the Greek parliament. The three protagonists of the dreadful TV incident were also elected. Imagine them together in routine parliamentary proceedings. Golden Dawn members have already made it clear they would come down hard on any member of parliament saying something they strongly disapprove of.

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The Main Driver of GDP Growth: A Strong Rule of Law | The Big Picture

The Main Driver of GDP Growth: A Strong Rule of Law | The Big Picture

With scarcity after the GFC the Biv economies are becoming more Roy, this is like a forest collapsing and becoming grassland because of a lack of Gb resources, an R contagion, attacks from Roy animals, etc. This leads to Oy-R interactions where right wing secreti police as Oy predators secretively and deceptively hunt for secretive and deceptive R terrorists, guerillas, and also victims of predatory Y-Oy capitalism.

How Did We Slip So Fast?

Of course, the repeal of the basic laws which enforced the rule of law among financial players is a part of the problem. Virtually everyone – other than those currently working for the big banks or on their payroll – is calling for reinstatement of the separation between banking and speculative gambling.
Free market libertarians – like everyone else – are demanding prosecution of criminal fraud using basic fraud laws.  Yet the government has made it official policy not to prosecute fraud.
People have lost trust in the system, because government corruption is as widespread as Wall Street corruption … and many of those in power in D.C. have the same sociopathic traits as those they supposedly regulate on Wall Street.
And as Professor Ferguson notes, draconian national security laws are one of the main things undermining the rule of law:
We must pose the familiar question about how far our civil liberties have been eroded by the national security state – a process that in fact dates back almost a hundred years to the outbreak of the First World War and the passage of the 1914 Defence of the Realm Act. Recent debates about the protracted detention of terrorist suspects are in no way new. Somehow it’s always a choice between habeas corpus and hundreds of corpses.
Of course, many of this decades’ national security measures have not been taken to keep us safe in the “post-9/11 world” … indeed, many of them started before 9/11.
And America has been in a continuous declared state of national emergency since 9/11, and we are in a literally never-ending state of perpetual war. See thisthisthis and this.
In fact, government has blown terrorism fears way out of proportion for political purposes, and  “national security” powers have been used in many ways to exempt big Wall Street players from the rule of law rather than to do anything to protect us.
Is it any wonder that we’re still in an economic crisis?

If We Learn Our History, We’re NOT Doomed to Repeat It | The Big Picture

If We Learn Our History, We’re NOT Doomed to Repeat It | The Big Picture

In Roy countries war can be carried on as Oy-R deception, this includes faking attacks to give excuses to Y or Ro governments for reprisals.

Governments from Around the World ADMIT that they Carry Out False Flag Terror


But don’t take our word for it.
Governments from around the world admit they carry out false flag terror:
  • A major with the Nazi SS admitted at the Nuremberg trials that – under orders from the chief of the Gestapo – he and some other Nazi operatives faked attacks on their own people and resources which they blamed on the Poles, to justify the invasion of Poland. Nazi general Franz Halder also testified at the Nuremberg trials that Nazi leader Hermann Goering admitted to setting fire to the German parliament building, and then falsely blaming the communists for the arson
  • The CIA admits that it hired Iranians in the 1950′s to pose as Communists and stage bombings in Iran in order to turn the country against its democratically-elected prime minister
  • Israel admits that an Israeli terrorist cell operating in Egypt planted bombs in several buildings, including U.S. diplomatic facilities, then left behind “evidence” implicating the Arabs as the culprits (one of the bombs detonated prematurely, allowing the Egyptians to identify the bombers, and several of the Israelis later confessed) (and see this and this)

"When Spain hands us over to Morocco, this is what they do to us" | In English | EL PAÍS

"When Spain hands us over to Morocco, this is what they do to us" | In English | EL PAÍS

When the sub-Saharan migrants reach Morocco through Algeria, their first stop is either La Fac or the mountains near Oujda; here they remain until they can put together enough money (chiefly via begging) to travel the 150 kilometers that separate them from Nador, a Moroccan city on the border with Melilla. Once they are there, if they are unable to reach Spanish territory over the fence or via the sea route, and end up getting arrested, Moroccan authorities take them straight back to the border with Algeria. This border crossing is closed, but Moroccan police officers get the migrants off the buses and instruct them to keep walking until they reach the neighboring country.

Allez, allez! [Come on, come on!]," they scream at us, explains a Senegalese man at La Fac.
"Sometimes they shove us along. As soon as they leave, we turn around and walk right back to Oujda. It takes several hours and we have to keep hiding from the police, but if they leave us at the border at night, by daybreak we are back in Oujda again."
This is the deportation procedure that Gadem association describes as illegal.
This newspaper tried unsuccessfully to reach Morocco's Interior Ministry for its side of the story. On Friday a ministry spokesman agreed to speak on the phone, and was sent a list of questions via email regarding the origin of the migrants' wounds, the medical assistance they have access to and whether they have the right to any kind of legal counsel. There was no reply, and the spokesman would not take any further phone calls, despite repeated attempts.
The immigrants' version of events is that they are being beaten for trying to reach Spain; the Moroccan police are allegedly trying to prevent them from jumping the fence into Melilla and close a route whose final destination is not Morocco. They also say they are being treated in a way that illegal immigrants would never be treated in Spain.

Morocco can be acting as an Iv-Oy agent of Biv Europe, the migrants are like R prey and this Oy-R deportation is usually conducted deceptively and secretively.
Man seems to be a natural killer
----- To John Adams, 1822
To turn to the news of the day, it seems that the Cannibals of Europe are going to eating one another again. A war between Russia and Turkey is like the battle of the kite and snake.

At the time Russia was a Y monarchy using Oy soldiers as agents in a predatory war, however Turkey from its Y Islamist history was probably predatory as well if it had the opportunity. Some former Y-Oy empires can become Ro-R defensive empires in nature, this happened with the Roman Empire under Christianity.

Whichever destroys the other, leaves a destroyer the less for the world. This pugnacious humor of mankind seems to be the law of his nature, one of the obstacles to too great multiplication provided in the mechanism of the Universe. The cocks of the henyard kill one another up. Bears, do the same. And the horse, in his wild state, kills all the young males, until worn down with age and war, some vigorous youth kills him, and takes to himself the Harem of females. I hope we shall prove how much happier for man the Quaker policy is, and that the life of the feeder, is better than that of the fighter; and it is some consolation that the desolation, by these maniacs of one part of the earth is the means of improving it in other parts. Let the latter be our office, and let us milk the cow, while the Russian holds her by the horns, and the Turk by the tail.

This is a Bi-B philosophy in a wealthy country, to defend the country if need be but concentrate on maximizing profits in a positive sum game. The US often profited by selling goods to these warring parties.

The rule of violence in international affairs
----- To - (?), 1813: N. Y. Pub. Lib., MS, IV, 191-192
Our lot happens to have been cast in an age when two of the most powerful nations of the world, abusing their force and to whom circumstances have given a temporary superiority over others, the one by land, the other by sea, throwing off all the bonds [and] restraints of morality and all regard to pride of national character, forgetting the mutability of fortune and the inevitable doom which the laws of nature pronounce against departures from justice, individual or national - have dared to treat her reclamations with derision and to substitute force instead of reason as the umpire of nations, degrading themselves thus from the character of lawful societies into lawless bands of robbers and pirates., they are ravaging [and] abusing their brief ascendancy by desolating the world with blood and rapine. Against such banditti, war had become preferable [and] less ruinous than peace, for their peace was a war on one side only.

When the I-O umpiring colors are weakened the world can descend into Y-Ro and Oy-R wars, Y-Ro are wars of attrition such as WW1 while Oy-R are wars of deception such as the cold war. They are like a weak middle of the food chain causing instability and animals eating each other in wasteful ways causing later starvation.

Thomas Jefferson


10.4.1803: “Tremendous times in Europe! How mighty this battle of lions and tigers! With what sensations should the common herd of cattle look on it? With no partialities, certainly. If they can so far worry one another as to destroy their power for tyrannizing, the one over the earth, the other the waters, the world may perhaps enjoy peace, till they recruit again.

This is a Ro-R attitude where the usual prey of tyranny stand aside watching the predatory nations destroy each other, this is like Y prides of lions fighting over territory and injuring each other allowing the prey to increase in numbers. 

Thomas Jefferson's Letters

Thomas Jefferson's Letters

Man is a warlike animal
----- To J. Madison, 1797
In THE whole animal kingdom I recollect no family but man, steadily and systematically employed in the destruction of itself. Nor does what is called civilization produce any other effect than to teach him to pursue the principle of the bellum omnium in omnia on a greater scale, and instead of the little contest between tribe and tribe, to comprehend all the quarters of the earth in the same work of destruction. If to this we add, that as to other animals, the lions and tigers are mere lambs compared with man as a destroyer, we must conclude that nature has been able to find in man alone a sufficient barrier against the too great multiplication of other animals and of man himself an equilibrating power against the fecundity of generation.

Many evolved in many ways as an Oy and Y predator in living off Ro herds and R individual prey. Like other predators his actions kept some Ro-R animals from becoming too numerous and overeating the Biv vegetation available. However people as well as animals tend to becomes all colors, people as evolved as Ro-R because it offered a niche and chance to survive in ways that being a Y-Oy predator lacked. So they emulated the ways of the prey they fed on, this caused the Y-Oy predatory people to hunt them for their possessions as well. In this way many evolved to be the 5 colors of the Roy system like in the animal kingdom, he also evolved to be the 5 colors of the Biv systems emulating parts of plants in the more resource rich Gb areas. G and Gb also became role models for his evolution, people can be G like greenies and make a living without being politically Ro-R or Y-Oy. They can also be Gb without emulating a Biv color, for example politicians and lobbyists that are pro development without being on the left or right of politics.