Friday, March 15, 2013

Thomas Jefferson's Letters

Thomas Jefferson's Letters

Man is a warlike animal
----- To J. Madison, 1797
In THE whole animal kingdom I recollect no family but man, steadily and systematically employed in the destruction of itself. Nor does what is called civilization produce any other effect than to teach him to pursue the principle of the bellum omnium in omnia on a greater scale, and instead of the little contest between tribe and tribe, to comprehend all the quarters of the earth in the same work of destruction. If to this we add, that as to other animals, the lions and tigers are mere lambs compared with man as a destroyer, we must conclude that nature has been able to find in man alone a sufficient barrier against the too great multiplication of other animals and of man himself an equilibrating power against the fecundity of generation.

Many evolved in many ways as an Oy and Y predator in living off Ro herds and R individual prey. Like other predators his actions kept some Ro-R animals from becoming too numerous and overeating the Biv vegetation available. However people as well as animals tend to becomes all colors, people as evolved as Ro-R because it offered a niche and chance to survive in ways that being a Y-Oy predator lacked. So they emulated the ways of the prey they fed on, this caused the Y-Oy predatory people to hunt them for their possessions as well. In this way many evolved to be the 5 colors of the Roy system like in the animal kingdom, he also evolved to be the 5 colors of the Biv systems emulating parts of plants in the more resource rich Gb areas. G and Gb also became role models for his evolution, people can be G like greenies and make a living without being politically Ro-R or Y-Oy. They can also be Gb without emulating a Biv color, for example politicians and lobbyists that are pro development without being on the left or right of politics.

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